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AIV and Test Support

Assembly Integration Verification and Test Support

MSI AIV experts are familiar with space industry testing methods and can work with a client?s requirements to create AIV plans that are compatible with the risks, planning, costs and system design.  Our AIT engineers can manage and support GSE development for nearly all types of system test requirements, liaise with test centres and can help specify the detailed hardware/software requirements to satisfy the client?s end-use needs
Delivering a broad range of AIT solutions for all phases of Assembly Integration and Testing activities includes: 

  • Requirements analysis and creation of MAIT flows and detailed AIV plans.
  • AIT engineering to flow-down to create a complete set of lower-level specifications and defined activities for improved project management and engineering
  • For complex programmes, recommending model philosophy and hardware development is useful in mitigating risks and validating procedures for flight units 
  • Integration of AIT product assurance activities to assure quality standard throughout the AIT phase: supplies and incoming controls, as-built traceability, workmanship controls and planning of subsystem tests.
  • AIT planning to optimize parallel activities, re-planning options in case of delays
  • EGSE architecture, test script development and TMTC database verification, operators
  • Data Processing and Analysis support for testing of scientific instruments
  • Anomaly investigations using various test aids for measurements and fault isolation.
  • Verification of interfaces with test centres and manage logistics and test operations to ensure hardware safety
  • Launch campaign support to cover logistics, on-site testing plans and interface to launch vehicle 
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